Landboxes - Mumbai

Landboxes Mumbai utilizes the modular system to reclaim land in the rapidly expanding city. The hollow structure of Landboxes enables the city to build new underground infrastructure, with a cheaper and more eco-friendly construction method.

Landboxes Mumbai uses the Landbox modular system to introduce new master plans in the rapidly expanding city. Mumbai is known for having numerous land reclamation projects, with infrastructural projects dating back to 1672 and land reclamation projects starting as early as 1772. Over time, Mumbai has reclaimed over 82 square km of land from the sea, and this trend continues.

This case study demonstrates the adaptability of Landboxes in various cities worldwide. Additionally, the hollow structure of Landboxes allows the city to construct new underground infrastructure such as the metro line, which was previously difficult to build. Overall, Landboxes provides a cheaper and more environmentally friendly construction method for the city while also creating opportunities for new infrastructure and development.