Private Campus

A renovated office campus in Elsbethen, Salzburg, designed to blend in with its surroundings using camouflage, provides space for 2000 employees and incorporates historical elements such as a horse pond, stables, and chapel.

Private Campus
The office space is in the middle of the residential area Elsbethen, Salzburg, on a former military base. Since the client acquired the complex, it was renovated in accordance with the requirements of the monument protection and converted into a state-of-the-art office campus.

The building's design aims to blend in with its surroundings, using camouflage as the highest form of integration into the urban environment. The redesign of the campus thus follows on from the tradition of the area and allows the history to have a subtle yet effective presence, but at the same time also shows that the goal is the vision of the ´Garden of the future`, the sight of which frees the mind and which makes staying in this place a contemplative pleasure.

This project provides space for 2000 employees. The building surrounds the central square to emphasize the patio for employees to bond. It opens towards the south at the middle point of the main axis, located at the historic horse pond. The building incorporates the stables and chapel located in the immediate vicinity. The construction is structured in phases, so the promoter can start using the building from stage one. 


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Architects team

Gabriel Muñoz Moreno

Rafael García-Monge

Pratik Borse

Íñigo Esteban

Josep Ballestero