LML Systems

LAIA is involved in the development this global last mile logistics solution, based on an automated network of delivery and collection for personal, commercial, storage and recycling uses.

LML Systems


The management of parcels in urban environments is still done today in the same way as thousands of years ago, by hand, through a process that, except for the relatively recent incorporation of logistics technologies, goes through the uncertainty in the collection and delivery, the risk of deterioration or loss of products, and mainly personal hauling.

Today 90% of the goods that enter or leave a home, are still carried by their occupants, on foot transfers or in processes of loading and unloading of private vehicles or public transport. A reconsidered city must have in its fundamental bases the total automation of something as usual and simple processes such as the management of merchandise and personal parcels, and based on this, explore all derived solutions.


LML Systems is developing a global last mile logistics solution for new urban environments and cities smart-upgraded. It is based on an automated network of delivery and collection of merchandise for personal, commercial, storage and recycling use.

We are designing automated models for parcel movement, composed of a high-capillary intelligent network, with end-user point, connected to direct suppliers, logistics operator centers, and storage centers.

The set of services of the network will allow the user to manage their deliveries of goods in a point or PDC (personal deliveries closet), and at the same time the storage of goods and products in specialized services in an intelligent, precise, and safe way.

This scenario represents a broad field of action for engineering and advanced development in this area, thru Landboxes, an integrated solution for land reclamation.