LAIA Mission

LAIA is a think tank and innovation platform that focuses on resilient masterplans, construction systems, networks, and technologies to endure our society beyond the 21st century.

LAIA brings the complexities of urbanism and nature together to increase our resiliency, sustainability, health, and sense of community. This comes from the interrelationships of cultures with a prominent relationship with the natural environment, and the ones with a strong link to the metropolis. To understand the dynamics of the places under study, LAIA Lab carries multi-scalar research responding to specific geography, society, climate, biota, and history attached to each territory. The resulting proposals seek a symbiotic relationship between agents and contextual factors.

LAIA raises as a response to the multiple transformations occurring in our metropolis. Here, innovation should adapt to the occupied natural environment and enhance its productive capabilities without disruptions in its natural cycles. LAIA was founded by the internet entrepreneur Jordi Muro Naya, and by the architect Gabriel Muñoz Moreno under the joint agreement to revolutionize the urban landscape. Together, they design novel built environments for land and water mediums and work in social impact developments that seek diversity in our global network. With offices in New York and Barcelona, LAIA is helping to shed light on the future of our cities.

Image of our mission