LAIA Mission

LAIA brings ecology into the construction industry to promote its core values: resiliency, productivity, health, digitization, and diversity.

For this to happen, LAIA Laboratory studies technologies and cultures to democratize the well-being of citizens as well as to promote sustainable growth. The technologies we focus on are within automation systems, data science, and digital fabrication realms. LAIA also studies the evolution of various cultures related to the natural environment to project future developments that follow LAIA’s core values.

To understand each project’s specificity, LAIA Lab carries multi-scalar research related to each case study’s geography, society, climate, biota, and historical conditions. The resulting proposals seek a symbiotic relationship between agents and context.

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LAIA rises as a response to the transformations occurring in our metropolis. The construction industry lags in the need to build sustainable cities; human development in China lead to the loss of 65% of its wetlands in the last 50 years, resulting in country-wide economic losses.

LAIA seeks innovation to enhance the natural environments’ productive capabilities while increasing the value of human capital. LAIA commits to revolutionizing the urban landscape through rethinking the city at land and water mediums and by working along with leading companies within the construction industry. With offices in New York and Barcelona, LAIA sheds light on our future cities.

LAIA Future

LAIA seeks symbiotic relationships to achieve initiatives towards zero emissions, automation, construction innovation, or landscape restoration, are steps towards this symbiosis.

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LAIA About

LAIA is a research lab, consultancy and company builder focused on urban planning, infrastructures, construction technologies and smart city, to sustain our society beyond the 21st century.

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