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The Future City - The Urban Metabolism

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We support initiatives that revolutionize the Urban Metabolism

Cities are complex systems with various agents that together function as a living organism - this is the urban metabolism. This metabolism involves every agent of the built environment and its surroundings; from citizens to the many infrastructures needed to power them.

Sustainability and efficiency are key points for this century

LAIA seeks to achieve symbiotic relationships between social and environmental agents to accommodate current growth rates. Initiatives towards zero emissions, automation, construction innovation, or landscape restoration, are steps towards this symbiosis.

Current trends and population growth shows the potential of urban ventures

LAIA tackles the challenges of this century by supporting disruptive solutions. For example, trends in online shopping will increase traffic by 30% in 2030; without novel logistical systems, cities will be less human-centric and more pollutant.

We use data to understand and improve complex systems

The complexity of the Urban Metabolism is only understood through data. LAIA envisions the future city with all urban processes connected via a trusted ledger that registers exchanges occurring in the city. LAIA considers public blockchains as the best solution to this.

LAIA About

LAIA is a research lab, consultancy and company builder focused on urban planning, infrastructures, construction technologies and smart city, to sustain our society beyond the 21st century.

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LAIA Mission

LAIA brings ecology into the construction industry to promote its core values: resiliency, productivity, health, digitization, and diversity, all under the umbrella of innovation.

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