Arcadia Cloud

Landscape intervention
Guizhou, China

Arcadia Cloud

Rethinking new cities

Cities, the nodes of globalization, are the densest opportunities for social expression, as well as easiest escape to an evenness of culture. Globally ubiquitous technologies disseminate lifestyles, and their associated models of urbanity, which when rapidly deployed worldwide result in decontextualized urban interventions.

For instance, major orthogonal planned cities that, driven by a foreign need for resource efficiency, avoid geographic singularities in urban planning (Rem Koolhaas, whatever happened to urbanism). In China, nowadays, this is represented by the super-block, or xiaoqu, that emerges from traditional and imported gridded floor plans (The Rites of Zhou, Ordenanzas de Felipe II). Celled up in micro-apartments, the bursting city teems with social isolation and declining standards of life.


A project for the Government of the People's Republic of China
Team:Gabriel Muñoz Moreno
Collaborators: Rafael García-Monge Pozo
Location: Guizhou, China
Production: 2017
LAIA Stem Limited